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About Konstantin Slawinski

100 years ago – meaning before the first world war – my great-grandfather founded the company as a factory for steel constructions and machine development. The company survived 2 worldwars and a lot of crisis and is as of now still working in the same field of steel – exactly in the construction of so called boiler ends for appliances.

Konstantin Slawinski

In 2000 I overtook the management of the family business in the fourth generation. I was born in 1968 and I would like to go my own way within the family tradition.  The boiler ends that we produce, are an industrial intermediate product, which customers who definitely have a need for the product buy based on price and delivery times as key factors to their buying decisions.

I developed a wish to do something else besides the tradional business because this felt too rational and I wanted to do something which is related to emotions and wakes emotions. A product which needs communication and evokes people to wish to get it.

I have been in contact with design products all my life as my parents house was equipped with a lot of design products from the 60th, 70th and 80th.  Therefore it was obvious to me that this could be my next business field.

The sister of my wife, Tanja Kaminski, supported me in my ideas and we developed KONSTANTIN SLAWINSKI | Housewarming Objects together. For nearly 10 years she was building the company together with me.

Our first idea was to develop products with our own machines and with our own material. This brought us to our first set of bowls made from steel, which we showed at the Ambiente in Frankfurt in 2003.

However we had to realize that it was difficult to reconcile the production of the industrial product and the housewarming objects regarding the line process- and costswize. Therefore since 2004 we then concentrated on production through third parties.