Jette Scheib

Jette Scheib

Jette Scheib was born in 1977. In 2004 she received her diploma at the Universität of arts, Berlin (UdK) as a product designer. After that the founded a design studio called kattentidt + scheib for grafic art, product design, interior design as well as interior architecture.

2008 she founded another own studio with the focus on product and interior design. She develops home interior, lamps, small furniture as well as products for children. Her works are - depending on customer and targetgroup- simple to narrative by concept and playfull, functional and full of humor. She gets her inspiration through people in their daily routines, needs, customs, cultures, specialities and clichees.

She observes, asks, interprets, transforms, combines and puts the usual into an unusual surrounding - functional as well as emotional.

From 2009 -2011 she worked as a freelancer as well as an art employee at the UdK. Together with Prof. Egon Chemaitis she teaches basics of design in the field of product design.

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