Sascha Sartory

Ding 3000

Pursuing a desire of creating durable products of premium-quality is a job of Sascha Sartory, born on 1980, product designer from Cologne. Under the name SARTORY Design he develops new ideas for various areas of everyday life. His motivation is to encounter the innovative concepts of products oriented on problems and challenges and to establish the emotional link between a person and a product.

After his studies in the field of product design at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences (1st Diploma, 2004), he completed a postgraduate course in industrial design at the Wuppertal University (2nd Diploma, 2007). Later he worked for different design agencies where he introduced taking account of the newest technologies, trends and materials of innovative products' concepts. In 2010 as a co-founder he established a design studio FORMFUSION. Since 2014 under the name of SARTORY the designer has been creating mainly solutions for furniture and furnishing sector for diverse national and international firms.

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