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R S W takes over the distribution of the KSHO collection

The design label 'Konstantin Slawinski - Housewarming Objects' (KSHO) was founded 20 years ago. Even in the early years, KSHO and the designers at R S W worked closely together. Thanks to their innovative design and high quality, KSHO's products have made many customers happy and have won several prestigious design awards. On their journey together, R S W has designed numerous products for KSHO that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also solve functional problems. These include the "Charge-Box", the elegant solution for unsightly multiple sockets, chargers and the associated cable clutter, as well as the award-winning "BasketBin", which separates paper and residual waste directly at the desk. Another bestseller is "Barrow". A mobile fire bowl that also serves as a high-quality barbecue for sociable evenings outdoors.

At the beginning of the year, KSHO announced that it was discontinuing the sale of all its products. However, this does not mean the end for these extraordinary designs. R S W will take over the distribution of the specially designed products from the KSHO collection and ensure that they remain available. This will continue the tradition of innovation and first-class design that has been established in recent years.

Who is behind R S W?

Rudolph Schelling Webermann (R S W) is a multidisciplinary design and innovation agency from Hanover, founded in 2005 by Sven Rudolph, Carsten Schelling and Ralf Webermann. R S W became known for its designs of furniture, lighting and home accessories, which are characterised by subtle, charming ideas as well as independent and innovative concepts.

R S W's designs have received international media recognition, won more than 40 prestigious design awards such as the iF and Red Dot and have become bestsellers. Works by R S W are represented in the collections of various museums and have been shown at design festivals and exhibitions such as the German Pavilion at the EXPO in Shanghai.

With the experience of numerous product launches behind it and "design thinking" as its mother tongue, R S W has increasingly begun to work on an interdisciplinary basis and has extended its services to such diverse areas as product development, interior design, creative direction, innovation consulting and start-up consulting.

Rudolph Schelling Webermann

Konstantin Slawinski

How it all began

The history of Konstantin Slawinski is closely interwoven with the history of Slawinski & Co. GmbH. It all began a good 100 years ago, before the start of the First World War, when his great-grandfather, Jakob Slawinski, set up his own "factory for sheet metal constructions and apparatus engineering" in Siegen. The company survived two world wars and many crises and is still active in its original field today, specifically in the manufacture of so-called boiler bases for metal apparatus and tank construction.

In 2000, Konstantin Slawinski, born in 1968, took over the management of the family business in Siegen, now in its fourth generation. The floors produced are an industrial intermediate product that customers buy when they absolutely need it, paying particular attention to price and delivery time, i.e. this product is all about sober calculation. The desire therefore soon arose to do something different in addition to developing the company in the traditional area. In addition to the "factual" industrial activity, to deal with something exciting that arouses emotions, that can be communicated well and where it is possible to evoke the desire to "want to have".

What does Konstantin Slawinski stand for today?

Since 2003, we have been selling design-orientated home accessories that make life more beautiful and easier. The Konstantin Slawinski brand inspires with interesting and original products. In close co-operation with leading designers, we develop design products in the spirit of the times, creating new eye-catchers time and time again. The products are innovative and radiate a positive dynamic. They convey a touch of luxury and create comfort and cosiness in an individual way. With a wink, they convey a profound sense of humour. In product development, we attach great importance to high quality, sustainability and reliability.